Tuesday, November 09, 2004

New York Daily News - Sports - Lenny's pal goes as Isiah's steps in

This is yet another frustrating part of the drama that has become the New York Knicks over recent years. Isiah just take over the job already! What's the point of all this pussy footing around?

Watching the home opener the other day make me physically ill. It was like watching paint dry. The entire Knick team plays one on one, they don't move without the ball and can't guard anyone outside. They are so boring to watch its going to take a lot for me to pay any attention to this "team" the rest of the season. Who do you root for on this team? Maybe that new 19 year old kid and Sweetney but that's about it. I'm sick of almost the rest of the entire roster. Where is Mike Doleac when you need him?
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