Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What to say when being interviewed by an Online Marketing Manager

Interviewing for a job is fun isn't it?  Who doesn't love those long silent moments after having talked for hours about yourself when you want to just stand up and scream "I can do this job can't you people see that??"

So what if one of the people who is interviewing you is in charge of Online/Digital Marketing?  What do they want to hear from prospective candidates who want to join that team?  Here are my top 4 things to make sure you say in that interview:

  1. Online/Digital Marketing is central, and you get that - Some may disagree with this but I have a news flash for you - no matter what market you are in digital marketing should be the core of all your marketing strategy, oh and its 2013 not 1982 so get over it.  Tell them you understand the importance of all digital channels in the marketing mix, even if you are not an expert in any of them specifically.
  2. Metrics, Numbers, ROI - If it can't be measured its not business.  Talk about always ensuring a ROI on activities.  An Online Marketing Managers life is numbers and spreadsheets so if you sound ambivalent about tracking numbers then they will think you don't get modern marketing techniques.
  3. Content is king - this one depends on the type of position you are interviewing for but in general most people responsible for online activities are always hungry for great content.  It could be for the website, a campaign or social media.  Show that you are willing to be their ally in the fight to create great content.
  4. Flexibility - the online landscape is always changing.  You may have 10 years experience, but if the target audience wants more video content and you don't even know how to keep your thumb out of a picture of your kids make sure you are ready to learn new things.  Oh and here is a bonus tip: Learn more about Video, it grows in importance daily...
What kind of experiences have you had?