Tuesday, November 23, 2004

New York Daily News - Sports - Players insist line is crossed two ways

Punish the fans! Why can't this become a mandate? When you have the combo of alcohol and morons who bought tickets and think that gives them the right to do anything its a terrible situation.

There needs to be some sort of permanent harsh punishment for fans who do this crap at sporting events. Period.

How about this, a fan that gets fingered for this type of crap gets labeled based on the severity of his/her actions?

Maybe people get tagged similar to the way sex offenders get tagged when they commit those types of crimes. Basically whenever these morons try to buy tickets again(at least under their name) they have to pay an extra fee or the tag could give the venue the right of refusing to admit that fan, even if its a different sport.

For some reason people think they are totally anonymous when they are acting this way. Just watch the end of the brawl when the players are going into the locker room. Those fans pouring beer on them are cowards. Find them. Call them out to task, make them an example of being responsible for your actions and not anonymous.

Oh and stop selling beer at halftime, or earlier. The greedy venue owners don't need to squeeze anther 43 cents of profit out of fans for their beers. If you want to get drunk and be an ass run for president.
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