Monday, February 13, 2006

I am on to my new gig...well I am officially starting at Kodak on February 27th. I am going to be the Online Marketing manager in their Graphic Communications Group. Leaving will be hard and I am not looking forward to these next 2 weeks.

So how did it happen? All I did was answer and ad posted by a company called Datrose a few weeks ago. They did not mention who the company was in the ad but I fit the skillset they were looking for. A recruiter called me a few days later and gave me more details on the position.

Turns out it was a contract position, yikes...

My first reaction was, what about health insurance? How long is the contract for? Is this going to work for me?

Well the Datrose recruiter answered all those questions for me and it helped.

Then I had the interview. Got a good rundown of the need and the expectations, things were looking better and better.

Went in for the second interview, this time with other team members. That too went well. I was really feeling it after that. That voice inside your head that tells you "this can work, I can make this work." There are risks involved, but without risk there is no reward. I was comfortable with the level of risk.

After sorting out a few details I officially gave my notice last week. It was very hard to do. Getting the position at enabled us to move out of NYC and eventually get a house and have our kids. That's a lot and I appreciate that. Even so, its time to move on.