Friday, October 19, 2007

The Top 5 Scariest Photos Ever Taken

You’ve all seen them. Those grainy old photos of ghosts and other unexplained visuals that are often forwarded by someone with an AOL account and a lot of time on their hands. You look at them and at first see almost nothing, and then you read the description of what you are supposed to see and viola! There be the ghost of Saint Sir Lord Devonshire the Third Duke of PoppyCock something or other.

So in the spirit of poking some fun at this idea I present the top 5 photos of super scary ghosts:

The Ghost of Boothill Cemetary - Terry Ike Clanton (

In this photo, it seems that Wilfred Brimley has a sordid past tied to the bandits of our imagination in the old west. Or maybe this was a picture of him during the actual old west. Behind him is the ghostly image of what I can only think to be Orval Redenbacher circa 1955 still miffed over Brimley’s damming quote “Popcorn?!? I only do oats!”


In this series we see smoke from a fire. In the first shot there is smoke. In the second, closer shot there is…more smoke. Finally in the third and closest shot there is…even more smoke. If nothing else this photo proves the existence of smoke.


This is one of the harder images to see the ghostly apparition. If you concentrate and look just above Scooby’s head, you can barely make out the translucent figure of what seems to be a “spirit” or “phantasm.” Legend has it that only after multiple Scooby snacks and hours of rehab did Shaggy recover from this encounter.


I know this is supposed to be about photos only but I had to include this gem. The best part about it is it’s in Japanese, so I have no idea what’s being said. I mean they could be saying anything but the announcer has that evil Vincent Price voice going on. He could be reciting what he ate for breakfast that morning and I still would need to change my shorts. Oh yeah the video shows a ghost looking for her keys or something.


The Brown Lady

This is supposedly one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, well I didn’t just take Google’s image search results as proof. I zoomed in real close to examine every pixel on this one and below is what came up:

Needless to say a truly scary result.