Friday, May 30, 2008

In a creative slump, try Mutapic

If you are anything like me(and I hope that you are ;) you know what its like to be in a total creative funk. Its the times that you could not think of a bright idea if your life depended on it. Your mind is a total blank and you need something that can help spin the gears in your head a bit faster.

I recently found a site called Mutapic that is an online image generator that lets you choose from a wide variety of icons, combine them in numerous ways, and create something entirely unique. A gentle warning before you go to the site, clear some time on your calender. This is one of those sites that if you are a geek like me, you waste a ton of time on.

Lets take a look at some exciting stuff that Mutapic and I created:

I imagine if I were to ever open my own restaurant and had to create Men's and Ladies bathroom signs, this is the way I would go. Combining the well known symbol for "Ladies Only" and a icon for a toilet, I have achieved communication nirvana. When someone sees this they will a)know the room is for ladies, b)it contains a floating toilet and c)is likely to induce seizures.

Not quite sure how the icon of "boy with pen through head" got into the rotation. Would you be that happy with a pen through your head?

At this point I decided to choose 32 random icons and select every possible effect and push generate and hold my breath. I think I actually heard the internet hum while it was creating this masterpiece. It almost seems like a window into another dimension. It makes me question reality. Am I looking at the cracked window into the void or is it looking at me?