Friday, January 18, 2008

How to find the "buzziest" images online

Since the beginning of the internet (around 342 B.C.), images have been passed around from person to person like a bad YouTube video. These images usually got sent via e-mail from one person's distribution list to another. These were the days before sites like digg and that provide "social bookmarking" for the masses.

With these types of sites, it's much easier to find out what pictures are out there creating a buzz (and you would likely find sitting in your inbox from your annoying uncle who just got online last Tuesday).

The best site I found that will aggregate only the pics from the top social bookmarking and sharing site is Picurls. This site takes the top pics as voted by users from various sites like Digg, Reddit, Wired etc and presents thumbnails of them as well as links to the original. One of the best features of the site is the special RSS feeds they provide so that you can just isolate the images from the other content that's posted there.

This site is like holding up a mirror to society and having society say "Does this make me look fat?"

There are things like this that make you just wonder how that even came to be. Or this that makes me think there are people with way too much time on their hands.

And to think before we had the internet we had to either photocopy an interesting image (which rendered it dark and un-interesting) or *shudder* actually talk to someone in person and describe it.

This made me want to look through my extensive collection of photos for something "buzzy." I came upon something interesting on a recent trip to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, NY. They had an exhibit of garden railroads and here is a pretty typical scene from the trip:

How cute, a train! And look it goes through the indoor gardens! Well then I zoomed in on one of the stations on this particular railroad.

Now take a look at this scene of Americana. Looks innocent enough? Makes you want to start humming "Small Town" by Melloncamp right?

Well here is a closeup. What exactly are those ladies doing? What makes it even more disturbing is the obviously uncomfortable old woman sitting between them. She is probably thinking "gosh where did I go wrong with the twins to push them into this life of moral decay and sexual debauchery and where the hell is the 4:15?"

If you like the idea of finding conversation starting images don't forget to check out the Kodak Picture of the Day. I am pretty sure those ladies of the garden railroad will not make an appearance there.

Post a comment with your favorite sites for finding images.