Monday, December 03, 2007

A List of Fun Photo Sites

It's always nice when a talented group of programmers decides out of the goodness of their hearts(or maybe the rush of caffeine) to create wonderful free sites that provide hours of photo fun. It's amazing to think that some of the things these sites do for free in seconds, people used to pay for and wait whole minutes to get(you remember "software" right?).

Here are just some of the sites I've come across that let you do things to photos and make the world a better place: - "A little tool for all your reflection needs!" is the tagline for this site which allows you to upload any image(or point to an online one) and define the reflection size and background color.

Here I used a photo of myself that was taken while I was watching a Golden Girls marathon. With that reflection at the bottom of my picture I have now created a cool image to update my Facebook profile image, which guarantees all my "friends" will yawn in excitement at my coolness.

 - With this site you have the opportunity to upload a photo and have it seamlessly turned into ASCII text. Thats right your image will be turned into something only a true geek could love. For those of you who are not computer nerds, ASCII stand for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and your can read all about it here.

So still using the above picture(which may have been taken while I took a brake from writing my book about a man with a phobia of post nasal drip), I ran it through the site and here was the result:

I had to post a screen shot of the "image" that was generated since its a pretty big file and we want you to actually come back to this website after reading these posts and not flee in terror.

The site also lets you choose different character sets, adjust brightness levels, and if you don't want to use letters and numbers there are shades of grey. Now if someone could tell me why one would want to do all this that would be helpful. - This is a site that is pretty amazing, since its offering some handy photo editing tools all in the browser so there is nothing to download. There are various things that you can use to just touch up a photo like red eye removal, color adjustments, etc. There are also fun things like adding frames, little images and of course text. Even with all these wonderful options the following is what I came up with:

If you need an explanation look here. Or don't and take it at face value that I need to step away from the computer and walk outside.

 - Last but not least is the oddly named When I said this name out loud I thought it was relationship advice, but actually its a collection of interesting photo tools in one place. Some of these are pretty bazaar. Take this one for example:

The source picture was the same one as above(I was modeling for my "before" picture for a botox infomercial).

I'm not quite sure what I would use this for, I mean who doesn't want to see their facial features morphed into a nightmarish circular flesh-ball? I think I will make an ornament for this years tree so the kids are guaranteed to stay away from it, as would everyone else.

Here, using the Easter Egg function, I turn into something disturbing. Almost like Vince Vaughn, but not the cool slick version from Swingers, more like this version.

There are plenty of other sites out there to create masterpieces like the above. Tell me about your favorites so I can go in and misuse them.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Top 5 Scariest Photos Ever Taken

You’ve all seen them. Those grainy old photos of ghosts and other unexplained visuals that are often forwarded by someone with an AOL account and a lot of time on their hands. You look at them and at first see almost nothing, and then you read the description of what you are supposed to see and viola! There be the ghost of Saint Sir Lord Devonshire the Third Duke of PoppyCock something or other.

So in the spirit of poking some fun at this idea I present the top 5 photos of super scary ghosts:

The Ghost of Boothill Cemetary - Terry Ike Clanton (

In this photo, it seems that Wilfred Brimley has a sordid past tied to the bandits of our imagination in the old west. Or maybe this was a picture of him during the actual old west. Behind him is the ghostly image of what I can only think to be Orval Redenbacher circa 1955 still miffed over Brimley’s damming quote “Popcorn?!? I only do oats!”


In this series we see smoke from a fire. In the first shot there is smoke. In the second, closer shot there is…more smoke. Finally in the third and closest shot there is…even more smoke. If nothing else this photo proves the existence of smoke.


This is one of the harder images to see the ghostly apparition. If you concentrate and look just above Scooby’s head, you can barely make out the translucent figure of what seems to be a “spirit” or “phantasm.” Legend has it that only after multiple Scooby snacks and hours of rehab did Shaggy recover from this encounter.


I know this is supposed to be about photos only but I had to include this gem. The best part about it is it’s in Japanese, so I have no idea what’s being said. I mean they could be saying anything but the announcer has that evil Vincent Price voice going on. He could be reciting what he ate for breakfast that morning and I still would need to change my shorts. Oh yeah the video shows a ghost looking for her keys or something.


The Brown Lady

This is supposedly one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, well I didn’t just take Google’s image search results as proof. I zoomed in real close to examine every pixel on this one and below is what came up:

Needless to say a truly scary result.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007 - yet another way to waste time online

Slowly waking up this morning and actively trying to figure out what time it was and how late I will be to work, I had an epiphany.

The next thing I need the internet to do for me was to give me the power of a god and be able to morph any two faces on earth into one human being.

The stars aligned and I went to check out the latest from and low! I found MorphThing.

This addicting site lets you take 2 photos of faces and morph them into one. All online and in seconds(which is impressive since the site is probably getting a ton of traffic from and others).

The images get automatically saved to your account(after you create one) and they give you plenty of options on how to share the images. There are tons of celebs on the list and you can upload your own photos.

Here is a gallery of some of my creations:

Audrey Hepburn and Dalai Lama Morphed Together - Audrey Hepburn & Dali Lama - "Practice silent mediation, in drag"

Harry Potter's Face Morphed with Elvis Presley - Harry Potter and Elvis Presley - Its Rowling's worst nightmare...

Morph of Jason Lee and George Bush - Dubya and Jason Lee - one plays a good ol boy on TV, guess which...

Hilary Swank and Denzel Washington Morphed Together - Denzel Washington and Hilary Swank - this one makes me squirm a bit.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Face Combined with Gwen Stefani - Gwyneth Paltrow and Gwen Stefani - Gwyneth vs Gwen...names only a dungeon master could love.

Palpatine and Jude Law - Jude Law and Palpatine - I just wanted to knock Jude down a level here...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just couldn't resist...

Usually don't post pics on here but this one I just could not pass up.

I hope all the current NY Mets take a look at this face and know who their biggest(smallest) fan is.

Lets Go Mets!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Compubeaver case mod: the PC-stuffed beaver

And this, my silent friends, I give you this lazy Friday afternoon...a working computer stuffed into a formally working beaver.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

BritePic - what? why??

The first thing I thought of as I awoke this morning was "boy I wish I could not only look at pictures online, but easily click on ads within the pictures I look at!" That is so brilliant!

Thats the business model of BritePic. You take your already boring shot of your pet sitting in a pot(oh how cute) and add even cheesier comments within the picture. In return for that "value" you are presented with a CPC add at the top of the pic.


Why do people need this? Was there an outcry from the masses about not seeing enough advertising on the web? Does BritePic actually believe that its even remotely intuitive for people to think that the photo they are viewing should contain an ad?

Also I love the picture they choose as an example. Its a freaking puppy in a pot on a stove!

This site deserves at least a 4 out of 5 on the craptacular scale.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A redesign and a new direction

I upgraded my Blogger account to the new beta version which forces one to assimilate into the Borg..oops I mean your Google account to log in. No big deal but it feels like one of these days I will wake up and have to inform Google as to what I feel like eating for breakfast, actually they probably will know what I want.

I am forgoing the focus of my posts on online advertising and marketing and instead looking at the more interesting world of (WARNING: buzzword alert) Web 2.0 sites (gasp).

The reason for the change? Well there is more innovation in that part of the web universe right now. I read through the articles about online advertising & marketing and yawn and realize that there isn't going to be a heck of a lot of "innovation" in the near future. There are still articles like "Should you advertise on Podcasts?" and "How to maximize your RSS feeds" blah blah blah.

That's not innovation, its confusion. Its the outcry of hundreds of marketing people who have a scant knowledge of the web wanting to "do something different" without a real thought into why.

So I am moving away from that world for a while and looking instead to the new generation of online apps that are pushing the limits of what people think of as web sites.

I test these apps out and most of the time a voice in my head keeps screaming "WHY?" as in why is this new site/app in existence? Why would anyone use this? Why do I need to do this or that task in a new way in the first place? I like taking a pragmatic, practical approach to this whole idea of Web 2.0 and break it down.

Hopefully I will rattle enough cages on my way there ;)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I don't know what it is with me but so far I have been a complete grump this new year.

It started a few days ago and has lasted until now. I've never been this down on the new year before and I have a few theories why this may be happening:
  • Another year older - the new year is a stark reminder of the passing of time. Its even worse than a birthday since you can pretty much ignore your own birthday if you wanted to but with new year's everyone is talking about it. Its an official holiday, there are parties and fireworks and people saying happy new year. Its unavoidable, which makes it worse on your psyche.
  • Holiday stress - there is a stress with the holiday season that for me starts about 2 months before Christmas/Hannakuh. This is the time I have to start shopping for the gifts. If you want to stress out a guy to his limits, tell him he needs to find a gift for his wife/girlfriend that she will love. It can't be a cope out gift like a gift certificate to her favorite store, it has to be an actual planned out gift. Then watch as the guy goes from store to store in a mindless stupor looking in sections he doesn't even understand and reading labels written in another language. Is there really a difference between bath gel and shower gel? Is a new oven mitt an actual gift or a subtle instruction to cook more? It doesn't get any better once you find the gift because then the stress builds because the question of "will she like this?" keeping pounding in your head like a sledgehammer.
  • Back to work - the last 2 weeks or so of the year at most workplaces are like a scene from any of the living dead movies. It includes a lot of people with a glazed look in their eyes just shuffling around without a real purpose. Then one of the zombies mutters the magic word "lunch" and the other zombies follow him out the door. Anything that happens or tries to happen during this dead time is automatically pushed to the "wait until everyone is back after the holidays" mental folder. Then all of a sudden its today and everyone is back and the "woah I've been on vacation for too long so it will take me a while to get to that" mental folder is opened and gets all the work. At some point, around March, everyone realizes that its time to get to work again.
So I'm sure you have some other great reasons why this time of the year gets you down, post some so we can waste even more time on my blog.