Friday, November 05, 2004

I haven't posted anything about any NY teams lately so here is a quick take on some current events:

  • New York Mets - I love the Willie Randolph hiring, I think this is the right move for this team right now. Its not a talent problem with this group, its a leadership one. That clubhouse needs something, I hope Willie has the answer.
  • New York Giants - This is a hell of a turnaround from last season. I mean that team just plain quit on the coach and their fans. It's such a testament to what coaching can do to team, since the roster is basically the same from last year. Its also pretty amazing what can happen when you don't turn the ball over, thank you Mr. Barber.
  • New York Knicks - the season just started and I am not too sure about them yet. Crawford seems entertaining but I have had a hard time really rooting for this group. There is just something about Marbury and Houston that grates on my nerves.

On a entirely different note, I wanted to give some help out to a friend of mine who just started his own web site helping people sell on eBay. I will write a bit later about how hard it is these days to get a good looking, credible website up and running without professional help.

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