Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Balance SEO With Brand Clarity

Martin makes a really interesting point here that gets overlooked: "I asked my search engine optimization (SEO) company what I should do to reach the number-one spot. The answer was simple: Redesign the entire site, rewrite all the copy, and upload content I'd ordinarily never consider including on the site."

That makes me wonder, why is that? If the content is relevant for the business that you are in why not put it on the site? A site is there is establish your brand and in order to do so you have to offer value and value on the web is content, plain and simple.

I really don't believe that there can be too much content on a web site. Of course if its poorly organized then the content overload can be a negative but that is up to the information architecture to clear up. If the content is relevant to your site then put it on there but make sure you understand the hierarchy of how people want to get that information.

If someone only wants a summary of how your product works don't force them to read an entire white paper to do so. Put that summary up front and include links that let the user go as deep as they want to. As long as you give the user choice to get to those different content levels and its in a logical structure no one will complain about content overload. They will probably appreciate your willingness to offer the information, and that would lead to a positive brand experience.
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