Thursday, October 21, 2004

When you say the word "blog" to someone else that isn't that familiar with one, do you just cringe a little? I mean what a blog is is great, but that name, blog. Its just so....silly.

I know blog is short for weblog(which I happen to like better) and to write in a blog is blogging and I am a blogger...ugh......really I feel like 14 years old just writing this sentence. Can't we call it something else? Why didn't online journal catch on as a name?

Now that businesses are "blogging" and finding levels of success this business will mature. How do we move it into the more mainstream thinking of today's business decision makers?

actually I can answer that last question, we don't. Its going to take a few years and a few case studies to get the ball rolling on making blogging get more respect despite the name. Right now I will have to keep enduring those funny looks when I utter the word "blog."
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