Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I don't know what it is with me but so far I have been a complete grump this new year.

It started a few days ago and has lasted until now. I've never been this down on the new year before and I have a few theories why this may be happening:
  • Another year older - the new year is a stark reminder of the passing of time. Its even worse than a birthday since you can pretty much ignore your own birthday if you wanted to but with new year's everyone is talking about it. Its an official holiday, there are parties and fireworks and people saying happy new year. Its unavoidable, which makes it worse on your psyche.
  • Holiday stress - there is a stress with the holiday season that for me starts about 2 months before Christmas/Hannakuh. This is the time I have to start shopping for the gifts. If you want to stress out a guy to his limits, tell him he needs to find a gift for his wife/girlfriend that she will love. It can't be a cope out gift like a gift certificate to her favorite store, it has to be an actual planned out gift. Then watch as the guy goes from store to store in a mindless stupor looking in sections he doesn't even understand and reading labels written in another language. Is there really a difference between bath gel and shower gel? Is a new oven mitt an actual gift or a subtle instruction to cook more? It doesn't get any better once you find the gift because then the stress builds because the question of "will she like this?" keeping pounding in your head like a sledgehammer.
  • Back to work - the last 2 weeks or so of the year at most workplaces are like a scene from any of the living dead movies. It includes a lot of people with a glazed look in their eyes just shuffling around without a real purpose. Then one of the zombies mutters the magic word "lunch" and the other zombies follow him out the door. Anything that happens or tries to happen during this dead time is automatically pushed to the "wait until everyone is back after the holidays" mental folder. Then all of a sudden its today and everyone is back and the "woah I've been on vacation for too long so it will take me a while to get to that" mental folder is opened and gets all the work. At some point, around March, everyone realizes that its time to get to work again.
So I'm sure you have some other great reasons why this time of the year gets you down, post some so we can waste even more time on my blog.
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