Thursday, May 20, 2004

What's a website?

Oh Brian that's simple, its that place I go to to find out more information about something.

Brian its the pages that Google takes me to when I ask it a question.

Its a jumble of images and text Brian.

What a stupid question Brian! Its our company brochure posted electronically so everyone can find it!

Brian its where I get to see a lot of nekkid ladies for free...

When I don't want to deal with anyone else because I cant find anyone that understand me, its where I end up.

A website? That's the crap we wasted $50,000 on 3 years ago cuz some geek in a ponytail told us we needed to get on the "information superhighway."

Brian a website is the only way our company is getting leads now, without it we would be failing.

I think the answer to that question can be found on a search engine no? Of all people Brian I would think you would know that...

That's AOL right?

I don't know Brian, you tell me.
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