Thursday, April 17, 2008

Great tool for a "virtual" tour

SO you are on vacation and you are furiously snapping away picture after picture of all the fantastic building and scenery. You get every angle, wide view, close up, with flash, without flash, and because you are an artist you get down on the ground and get that unique shot you are sure no one else has ever thought of.

Then you download all these wonderful shots and queue the slide show and soon discover that for all that effort you basically have a few usable shots that together would make a great tour of your subject. But how to get a bunch of 2D photos together in a seemless way to offer up an exciting 3D view of that quaint farmhouse by the lake with the picket fence and lone stallion standing in front?

Behold It's a new site that lets you experiment with a bunch of pictures taken of the same subject at different angles and distances. You can then weave them together to form an(almost) 3D tour of that subject. You can read more details here.

My subject was Kodak worldwide headquarters right here in Rochester, NY. I took a few photos at different angles and distances and then uploaded them to the site. Now I thought, how hard can it be to designate my angles and next pictures? Turns out its tricker than I thought. Compaired to the already done tours, mine feels lacking. What do you think?
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