Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This will change the way you view images online.

Its not often that I come across something that has a bunch of breathless reviews about it that I can actually agree with but I have recently. Its an add on for FireFox or IE called PicLens and it can change the way you view pictures on websites.

Normally you are at the whim of the designer of a particular website when it comes to seeing the images posted there. Sometimes thats a good thing and often times its a bad one. After installing PicLens, go to a site like Flickr and mouse over an image. You will see a little play button, click it and the window will change into a gallery view like this:

This particular screenshot is a search for the term "Kodak" on At this point you could click on an image to get a larger view, or move the entire gallery to the left or right to see more images. Its a beautiful way to explore an RSS feed of images and I find myself wasting precious time using it. There are other sites you can search on like Google Images and PhotoBucket.

Have you seen any other plug ins for either FireFox or IE that you find useful?
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