Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Straight Talk About Blogs: Do You Really Need One?

Having been attempting this blog for a while the question of do you really need a blog is very relevant to me. On the one hand its a great method of self expression, to put your thoughts(sometimes raw) on record. On the other hand it feels like shouting in the middle of the empty desert. Is anyone hearing me?

My reaction to that question would be, if you have to ask...Of course not enough people are.

Writing is tougher than it looks. Sometimes you think you have all these things to say about a subject then you start actually writing and there is this one sentence just sitting there. Such a lonely sentence it is.

That last paragraph made no sense since it just appeared there with seemingly no transition. That's a good example of breaking the writing flow. I bet I lost some readers with that mistake.

I am going to bold this sentence to make it look like a very important point.

I already know I will look back at this blog a few years from now and laugh my ass off at it...
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