Thursday, August 19, 2004

Blogversations - A Better Way to Market

This is an interesting idea. It seems like they want to put a level of management and automization into the process by which an influential blogger cites certain products or services in their blog.

The ideal situation would be if a blogger writes a positive review of a product that would influence the readers into buying it or creating more word of mouth buzz.

Will this work? So far it seems that the blogging community and its readers are pretty wary of plans like this.

Some other questions that come to mind:
- What is the determining factor in selecting blogs for the network?
- What are the levels of reporting that will be provided?
- What is the rev share for the blogger?
- How will ads be sold, CPM? CPC?

The blog ad space will settle eventually and it will be the companies with the best models that will survive.
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